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Pantelleria is the ideal place  where love can crown your life. In this land where the gods settled, but also the Romans who worshiped temples to heaven, you can find unique and atypical places where you can swear eternal love.
One of these places that we recommend is the Lake of Venus, where the border between myth and history merges with a dreamlike reality, in which any lover would like to join forever, in front of the mirror in which Aphrodite herself admired her divine beauty.
However, Panteleria is rich in historical and natural beauties, and for those who still want to maintain a traditionalist religious line, one of the most beautiful churches on the island is the church of S. Giacomo Maggiore which is located in the Kadiuggia district, already mentioned. in documents in 1552. Since then no other documents have been found that speak of this building. During the visit in 1822 it is fairly well preserved, even if the painting of St. James, placed on the main altar is in ruins. In 1941 the structure needed restorations, the plaster was peeled and the altar rebuilt. During the war it didn't suffer significant damages. Recently, thanks to the Rotary club of Pantelleria, the painting of San Giacomo was restored and a precious altar was created by the art master Cossyro.

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